About Cashmere

The Love of Quality in Life's Experiences


Pure cashmere woven clothes are superfine clothing, comfortable to wear and excellent at keeping our bodies warm. Our cashmere's origin tells the reason of its fine quality. Our cashmere comes from the undercoat fibers of cashmere goats. These kind of goats live in high altitude of the mountains and plateaus of Inner Mongolia, China. Their bodies grow hair that can resist the extreme and harsh conditions of the long and cold winters of northern China. This is why cashmere clothes made from their hairs can be extremely warm.

China is the home to many of these goats that give the finest cashmere. After each winter, the cashmere goats will change their body hair; they will “remove their winter coat” and grow new hair. At this time, the skillful goat herders will slowly take off and collect the soft plush of hair on the cashmere goats with special combs. These are all done by hand. Only once in a year that the herders can collect these precious raw cashmere. Only a handful of the finest hairs will be used. These finest undercoat fibers are thin, making the cashmere texture soft and comfortable. This makes quality raw cashmere rare. Its scarcity, labor-intensive and time-consuming collection process are reflected on cashmere's higher value.

We look for the finest materials to make our products. A fine cashmere's product is worth the price. Comparing to sheep wool woven clothes, fine cashmere clothes are lighter in weight, softer in texture, more durable and so much warmer. If used and maintained properly, cashmere clothes can be worn for many years. In addition to the quality materials and craftsmanship, we give our cashmere products original and unique designs. They are good as casual wear but are also suitable for more formal occasions such as weddings, fine dinning, social events, etc.